Money Heist Retrospective


Money Heist Retro

Sprint retrospectives that follow the same format from sprint to sprint may lose their appeal.

Use this retrospective template to spice up the subject of your sprint retros! Money Heist is a television show that some of the teams enjoy, and I know that many others do too!

  1. Ice Melter: Each Team member choose their code name, choosing a city in the world and comment why that city.

  2. Sprint Goal: The sprint goal for the current iteration must be written down by the facilitator.

  3. Gather Data & Generate Insights: Each team member must respond to the questions in the appropriate postits in order to gather the data and generate understanding. Then, to decide what to do in the following iterations, money icons are placed over the most crucial elements.

  4. Next Experiments/Actions: Among all the members of the team, they choose three to five actions or experiments to try during the next weeks.

  5. Feedback: Once all areas of the board have been covered Invite the team to rate the retro by placing the Dali Masks and an optional post-it note regarding the retro.


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