Key Research Actions for Entrepreneurs


Welcome to Key Research Actions for Entrepreneurs

Why use it?

Reduce your risk of failure, listen to your potential users, learn from the best, and make evidence-based decisions.

Want to make sure your idea is moving in the right direction? These 3 key research actions will inform any doubts or respond to any questions you might have about your idea. Having the basic information regarding your idea from industry leaders (who are solving a similar problem and how they are solving it), user’s profile (who they are) and their needs (what they want/need), will increase the level of understanding for your potential idea.

How to use it?

  • A 3-step process to understand the market, your potential users, and their needs.

  • Simple guides to execute a benchmark, poll, and interviews by yourself, with templates to document your learnings.

  • Triangulation: an easy method to uncover insights.

What have we used it for?

  • Is my business idea unique? Am I the only one thinking this? (Probably not)

  • Who are my potential clients? Will they buy into my idea?

  • What are their pains, gains, and motivations?


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Pixel Research Lab
An Evidence-Based & User-Centric Research Lab
We are experienced problem-solvers helping companies fast-track their route to innovation. We offer fast and cost-effective research iterations in order to gather data from real users and make insights actionable to make informed decisions.

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