Jobs-To-Be-Done Journey Map


Happy path / Jobs Journey Templates. This contains two versions: one that's more in depth with more detail around customer actions and motivations and one that's more of a summary view.

- Define key situations and moments using "When I'm" which can then be used when writing job stories.

- Contains an area to call out particular parts of the journey that are most important.

- Uses "wondering", "wondering", "experiencing" (pains & gains) to describe customer modes and mindsets.

- Begin to formulate initial (testable) hypotheses using the opportunities sticky notes using value based problem solving.

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Chaz Mee
Product Innovation Strategist@Personify
I have made a career of leading and inspiring multi-disciplinary teams in doing transformative work for some of the biggest brands by imagining and building new digital products, experiences & services that delivers value to their customers, impact to the business and equity for the brand.
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