Icebreaker Islands



The ‘Icebreaker Islands’ template is all about team building. It ties 6 icebreakers together into a single game that can be played in a single social event or over a series of weeks. It was created to build team bonding exercises into your teams’ process.


Any team (ideally sized 4 - 8*)

This is particularly beneficial for:

  • Relatively ‘new’ teams;

  • Teams in need of stronger interpersonal connections;

  • Hybrid or Remote teams with a strong culture but who need to maintain it (remotely).


This was designed to be built into a recurring weekly or fortnightly team meeting. For example, a project check-in, virtual ‘drinks’ or even a team retrospective. It could also be played as a single game. For example, to introduce colleagues from across teams in a virtual company social event.

How Does it Work?

Your journey begins at ‘arrivals’; where you and your team will play the first of 6 challenges. You will then travel across all of the ‘Icebreaker Islands’, discovering a different icebreaker at each one.

Once the first 5 challenges are complete, you will reach your final destination: the ‘mystery island’, where ‘X marks the spot’ & you play the final challenge.

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