Double Diamond


Work on your team's creative thinking by exercising their design thinking ability using the Double Diamond template.

It helps you to think outside the box of the day-to-day routine and to find creative, efficient, and assertive solutions for problems that are known as impossible to solve.

Work individually, with small groups, or with your entire team, the idea is to exercise creativity and to work on a flow straight to a common objective.

How to use this template

By filling out the double diamond, you'll be able to explore a problem to find its specificity and then work on an efficient solution for that matters.

For example: you have a problem with Time Management with your team, but you don't know how to address a smart solution for this problem, then, you'll invite them to think outside the box by using this metodology: take the problem, think about it (with divergent ideas) then, from those ideas, think together again (with convergent ideas) to select the one that works best.

Credits: the Double Diamond methodology was created by the British Design Council, this is just a practical way to exercise this thinking as initially proposed by them.

Additional credits: to my team (Qualitunos) for letting me work with them and bringing ideas for the example.


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Marina Crocci
Investigative Operations Lead@Nubank
I've been working as a People Manager since January 2019, trying my best to help my team face the most different types of challenges in environments that demand extreme attention to detail, and also managing my teams' relationship with pressure and mental health.

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