Cross The Line - Climate Discomfort & Sustainability Edition


For who: 

Communities and teams looking to open up difficult and uncomfortable conversations around climate change and other global challenges. 


The hardest form of discomfort is when we are facing it alone. The purpose of this exercise is to create a sense of togetherness and alignment. We are creating this by anonymously answering uncomfortable questions you normally perhaps wouldn't ask within your team or business.


On this Miro board, you see this beautiful top view picture of a rocky green coastline. Ask everyone to pick a coloured circle on the lift or right side, either in the forest or in the ocean, depending on your love for hiking or surfing, and drag it into the frame. The facilitator or someone else in the team will start asking questions one by one. If your answer is yes you drag your circle to the line in the middle. Please remember which little circle is yours and stick with it for the entire session.

Here you find a couple of prompt questions that can help you and your team to get started. Once you get the hang of it you can ask the participants to bring in questions either anonymously or openly.

You can either use the exercise as a prompt to open up the discussion around these questions or choose to only use it as a session that shows you are not alone in your discomfort and worries.


Minou Schillings image
Minou Schillings
Founder & Workshop Facilitator@The Green Sprint
Minou is a sustainable business development consultant, systems thinker, workshop facilitator and creative process designer with 8 years of experience in researching and creating innovative and creative processes. She has a Bachelor and Master in Innovation and has co-created multiple impact initiatives & sustainable concepts. Her special skill is holding space for constructive climate conversations. She facilitates workshops & design thinking processes that help teams to create positive impact.

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