Value Proposition Canvas Workshop

Why use the Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) workshop template?

Many of you are probably familiar with the Strategyzer’s Value Proposition Canvas, which is one of the most used tools for helping businesses understand their product’s value from the customer’s perspective. At a first glance, the tool appears as a simple canvas with a rightward circle and a leftward square, but what we’ve come to realise is that using it in a way that produces actionable outcomes, can be extremely challenging for teams

This is why we have broken down the process of filling out the canvas and structured it into a collaborative half-day remote workshop format. The template has already been tested with several of our startup clients and has been enriched with a number of facilitation tips, to help you run it with your team. Whether you are considering an idea for a new product or validating assumptions for an existing product, this workshop will help you answer the question of whether you’re truly addressing customers’ pain points.

What to expect from this workshop?

  1. Team alignment - A shared language is created by leveraging the experience and skills of the entire team, leading to more strategic conversations.

  2. Clarity and focus - Information about what customers want gets organised in a simple way, which makes the patterns of value creation easily visible, which helps teams stay focused and keep the track. Teams usually open the board several times each week and treat it as a living document.  

  3. Minimised risk - With an experimentation process following the workshop, teams get to test the most important hypotheses about their product and customer segment, in order to reduce the risk of failure. 

  4. Right messaging - The workshop helps you distil core messages that will resonate well with your the audience, leading to increased effectiveness of your marketing activities.

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