The Good Service Scale

Assess the quality of your service using the 15 Principles of Good Service Design The Good Service Scale will help you and your team understand how well your service is performing for your users, where it needs to be improved, and build a clear a plan to improve it.

How to use the scale

Use the scale for user research, in workshops or on your own to assess and continuously monitor the quality of your service

  • Self-assess the quality of your service, either on your own or with your team

  • Structure your research with users and understand how your service is performing with different groups

  • Benchmark your service and track how it improves over time

  • Prioritise where to invest in service improvement by understanding which services need the most improvement

But most importantly; take it and make it yours. Adapt it, translate it, make it into a poster, do whatever you need to to make it work.

For more ideas and instructions on how to use the scale read the instruction guide