Stakeholder Map

What is this method?

This board is meant to help you map out stakeholders that may impact or interact with the team and the work that you’re doing. Stakeholder maps help to visually represent a user and their world while showing connections within a context, such as an organization. They can help the team understand which parts of the organization will be affected by what is built.

Why do it?

Sometimes projects involve large numbers of stakeholders in varying departments. Stakeholder maps are a tried-and-true method for driving out project specifics:

  • Who is involved in a project

  • Who is invested in the outcome

  • Who has right of refusal

  • Who will support the team

  • Who the key decision makers are

  • Who the team should meet with to help get context

When to do it?

As early as possible on a project, usually in the Kickoff phase.

Facilitator Directions

Step 1: Gather All Stakeholders (15 min)

Ask everyone to write down their Name, Title and Department.

Brainstorm other stakeholders that might influence the project, one per sticky.

Step 2: Move Stakeholders to the Map (30 min)

Ask everyone to present their noted stakeholders and place them in the right circle on the Stakeholder Map.

Walk through the stakeholders in each circle and ask participants how they could support the core team.

Ask about connections between stakeholders and how they influence each other or the project. Draw lines between them if needed.

Success/Expected Outcomes

You've succeeded when there exists a shared understanding of stakeholders involved so that teams can establish relationships, dive deeper where necessary and communicate appropriately.

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