IBDP-1: Thermal Physics

I teach physics, one of the dreaded subjects, in high-school. My students are with diverse skill sets. Four lectures every day and then corrections and meetings leave no time for me to address the weak students. Something that I had always been concerned about is the way I dealt with these students.

I started using Miro, then RealtimeBoard, as an experiment. The goal was to have a space that students can revisit and fall back to in case of doubts. Students put up doubts/queries as comments on the board, and I resolve the same. Sessions recorded, using a screen-casting app, are made available to the students for revision.

Miro has changed the way my students learned earlier. No one remains absent, not even the teacher! I am slowly, but steadily, introducing my team to implement Miro in their classrooms.


Principal & Physics Teacher@The Galaxy School
My name is Chirag, and I have donned various roles in my career. I have been a teacher, researcher, examiner, and administrator over the past 15 years. Football and mountaineering are the two activities I enjoy the most.
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