Brand Strategy Workshop


The framework includes 9 essential branding exercises with tips and examples to help businesses clarify their strategy for developing new and existing brands.

You can run these exercises as a creative professional (e.g. brand identity designer) to extract the important information from your clients when embarking on branding / rebranding projects.

You can also use it to align your team in-house, to work through your group dynamics, to resolve conflict and align the members on key aspects of brand building.

Who’s this workshop for?

  • Startups wanting to build a brand from scratch.

  • Businesses that reposition or rebrand themselves.

  • Companies looking to redefine & redesign their identity.

How does it work?

You’ll be guided through 9 key components of a brand strategy:

  1. Purpose — Find the greater purpose behind what you do.

  2. Vision — Have a solid vision of where you’re going.

  3. Values — Determine your core values and philosophies.

  4. Audience — Get to know your audience to connect with them.

  5. Market — Analyze competitors to differentiate your brand.

  6. Awareness — Prioritize your marketing goals.

  7. Personality — Define the personality of your brand.

  8. Voice — Project a compelling and unique voice.

  9. Tagline — Distill your story into a a memorable tagline.

Each exercise takes about 30-40 minutes, and the whole workshop takes about 5-6 hrs.

It’s recommended to schedule 3 separate session for 2hrs each and then run each part (core, positioning, persona) on a separate call.

Tips for facilitators

Here are the three tips or what makes the workshop powerful:

Live —Get all decisions makers on a video conference call. Visual— Document everything in a visual way where everyone can see it. Fun— Make participants feel comfortable to share ideas without reservation.

Make sure that there is only one facilitator who will input the team’s ideas into the template.

It's important to ask participants to not veto, contradict or counter any suggestion a team member makes.

Write down all ideas, then edit and focus on the best ones as you progress (ideas will lead to better ideas).


I went from working at top branding agencies to launching my own studio. Now I share my frameworks to help you succeed as a branding expert.

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