Team Topologies

Based on some of the ideas in the book Team Topologies by Matthew Skelton @matthewskelton and Manuel Pais @manupaisable. This plugin brings you ready-to-use shapes to build your own Team Topologies.

Key Features:

The four fundamental team types:

  • Stream-aligned team aligned to a flow of work from (usually) a segment of the business domain.
  • Enabling team, helps a Stream-aligned team to overcome obstacles. Also detects missing capabilities.
  • Complicated Subsystem team, where significant mathematics/calculation/technical expertise is needed.
  • Platform team, aligned to a flow of work from (usually) a segment of the business domain

The three interaction modes:

  • Collaboration, working together for a defined period of time to discover new things (APIs, practices, technologies, etc).
  • X-as-a-Service, one team provides and one team consumes something “as a Service”.
  • Facilitation, one team helps and mentors another team.

Flow of change:

  • The flow of change, showing the direction value is being created and delivered (your end users being at the end of this arrow).

How to enable:

  • Just drag and drop these shapes into your board, and you are ready to go! A small description for each shape is directly available within the plugin.
  • Once added, find the Team Topologies icon in your tools library (on the left of your board), click on the icon and you are ready to go!

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