Carbon Copy

Switch sync on and ideas remain intact in multiple locations across a Miro board; update an idea in one place and it syncs everywhere. Carbon Copy syncs multiple versions of a Sticky, Card, Shape or Text widgets on a board - even exclude some properties like text or tags from the sync group, a bit like symbols or components in Figma or Sketch.

Basic uage:

  • Switch sync on and create sync’ed duplicates: Enable the sync feature and use the duplicate button in CarbonCopy to create copies of the widget. Each widget instance maintains a 2-way sync with all the other instances of the sync group on the board.
  • Select all widgets in a sync group: Find all the widgets in the sync group with the “select” button and all sync widgets are highlighted.
  • Delete widgets in a sync group: Delete a sync group with the delete button and the widgets delete one at a time from newest to oldest. Also delete widgets on the board directly
  • Detach from sync’ing: Just switch sync’ing off by selecting the ‘de-sync’ button in CarbonCopy and it detaches from the sync group.

Advanced usage:

Like very basic symbols or components in Figma and Sketch. See videos 2, 3 and 4 to understand this feature.

  • How it works: Select a Note, Text, Shape or Card widget in a sync group and exclude a particular property to turn it off. Have different text on a Miro widget whilst keeping the background colour or tags in sync.
  • Switch a de-selected widget property back on: Find the parent widget of a sync group using the “view parent” link, the parent’s properties over-write a child widget’s props when turning those props back on again.

Sync'able Miro Widgets:

  • Sticky widgets: Text, colour, hyperlinks, tags.
  • Card widgets: Title text, content text, tags.
  • Text widgets: Text, colour, font type, alignment, bullets/numbers (careful when adding bullets, this is not easily reversible), hyperlinks, text highlight colour
  • Shape widgets: Text, text position, font type, bold/italics, stroke (shape outline) colour & thickness, background colour, background opacity
  • Line widgets: Line colour and thickness, arrow styles (text on lines is NOT sync’ed)

Feedback is welcome, we want to improve this app's functionality further so please use the Miro Developer Forum to provide feedback and mention @Markus Smet in your post.

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