Carbon Copy

Carbon Copy

by Markus Smet

Sync and update data across multiple locations on your Miro boards. With Carbon Copy, multiple versions of a sticky note, card, shape, or text are synced on the board - so you can work more seamlessly and with less friction.

Key Features:

  • Switch sync on and create sync’ed duplicates: Enable the sync feature and use the duplicate button in CarbonCopy to create copies of the widget. Each widget instance maintains a 2-way sync with all the other instances of the sync group on the board.
  • Select all widgets in a sync group: Find all the widgets in the sync group with the “select” button and all sync widgets are highlighted.
  • Delete widgets in a sync group: Delete a sync group with the delete button and the widgets delete one at a time from newest to oldest. Also delete widgets on the board directly
  • Detach from sync’ing: Just switch sync’ing off by selecting the ‘de-sync’ button in CarbonCopy and it detaches from the sync group.

Advanced Use:

  • How it works: Select a Note, Text, Shape or Card in a sync group and exclude a particular property to turn it off. Have different text on a Miro widget while keeping the background colour or tags in sync.
  • Switch a de-selected widget property back on: Find the parent widget of a sync group using the “view parent” link, the parent’s properties over-write a child widget’s props when turning those props back on again.

Sync'able Miro Widgets:

  • Sticky widgets: Text, colour, hyperlinks, tags.
  • Card widgets: Title text, content text, tags.
  • Text widgets: Text, colour, font type, alignment, bullets/numbers (careful when adding bullets, this is not easily reversible), hyperlinks, text highlight colour
  • Shape widgets: Text, text position, font type, bold/italics, stroke (shape outline) colour & thickness, background colour, background opacity
  • Line widgets: Line colour and thickness, arrow styles (text on lines is NOT sync’ed)

Provide any feedback on this app via the Miro Developer and mention @Markus Smet in your post.