Azure Cards

Azure Cards

by Miro

Miro can embed Azure DevOps work items as cards on an infinite online whiteboard. Your team can easily join the board to discuss, prioritize, and problem solve together in real time – just like on a physical whiteboard. Once a user makes changes in Azure DevOps, the card is automatically updated in Miro.

Use Azure Cards in Miro for visualizing the big picture during large Agile meetings like PI planning, remote retrospective, story sizing, backlog prioritization, story mapping, and more. Each card pulls Type, ID, Title, Description, State, and Assignee from individual Azure DevOps work items.

Key Features:

  • Use the in-app picker right in Miro to quickly sort and find the necessary Azure DevOps work items, and add them to your board as cards.
  • Responsive card view helps you read the info more easily while navigating different levels of detail.
  • Auto sync: all the changes made in Azure DevOps work items are automatically shown in Azure Cards in Miro.
  • Support for both Azure DevOps Services (cloud solution) and Azure DevOps Server (on-premise solution)

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Required permissions

  • Read and modify boards users have access to
  • Read profile information for current user
  • Read and modify team information
    • Current team title
    • Invite users
    • Change user's role


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