Miro and Google Drive integration

Google Drive has become an essential part of a workflow
for many companies, schools, creative teams and individuals.
Miro has integrated with Google Drive to make your
collaboration experience even better.

To use all the features, you should:

  • Go to Chrome Web Store, add the app to Chrome and connect it to your Google
    Drive account or go to your Google Drive -> Create -> Connect more apps
  • Go to Miro account settings and authorize your Google Drive account

After doing this, you will be able to:

  1. Create and share boards right from Google Drive just like docs, spreadsheets etc.
    If someone of your collaborators changes the board, it will appear at the top
    of “Recent” in your Drive.
  2. Save the boards to your Google Drive.
  3. Open and edit your Google Drive files right on your boards.
Watch this video to learn more:
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