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Miro's virtual booth at the GitHub Satellite Virtual Event 2020
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On May 6, 2020 Miro Customer Success showed how to use Miro
to help remote product development be collaborative,
cross-functional and agile.

Use Miro to help your team
execute faster

Align on priorities
and team capacity
from the start

Product management
Miro enables teams using GitHub public repository
to sync together remotely during Agile meetings
like story sizing, sprint planning, PI planning or
Product management

Think over increments visually
and optimise execution starting
from ideation

Easily build an architectural diagram, process flow or a
block-scheme with all the dependences. Share with your team to
discuss the bottlenecks.
UML diagram

Optimise decision-
making for a
larger cross-
functional team

Product management
Store relevant research, design assets, documents,
schemes, and diagrams in one place on Miro. Provide
other stakeholders the visibility and ability to access
the data and make decisions faster.
Product management

Scale the best practices

Run remote retrospectives, standups and more all from Miro's
infinite canvas. Look back on past results, track progress
visually, and improve over time.

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Collaborate smarter
with custom plugins
and integrations

Miro Developer Platform
Read the short intro on what possibilities Miro
Developer Platform opens to developers.
Explore the main Platform webpage with video
examples of the plugins.
See the Miro Developer's Hub.
Miro Developer Platform

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