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The Team Alignment Company designs tools and training for high-performance collaboration and impact.
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Training: High-Impact Tools for Teams Masterclass

Bring your collaborative leadership skills to the next level with this intensive two-day masterclass. Discover and apply new visual tools to create alignment, build trust, and communicate better. This training is provided by the authors of High-Impact Tools for Teams (Strategyzer Series, Wiley, 2021) and the developers of Team Alignment Map, Team Contract, and Fact Finder.

Coaching: Team Alignment Sprints

Get the key stakeholders of a project or change initiative on the same page, fast. Alignment sprints are one-day workshops specifically designed to create the right conditions for teams to perform. Recommended for teams faced with urgent, complex situations and implementation challenges.

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Geneva University Hospital
Kuwait Oil Company
Applied Materials
“The Team Alignment Map has been critical in helping us reach agreement and alignment on major complex issues quickly enabling breakthrough performance. It's a must-have for those involved in complex programs and organizational transformation.”
Fernando Yepez, Director, Global Delivery Model Services at PwC
“The Team Alignment Map is the most effective, action-oriented strategy tool I have seen in my 15 years as a facilitator.”
Sumayah Aljasem, Founder at Creative Confidence Consulting & Training Institute
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