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The Customer Experience Company is a leading consultancy that specializes in guiding organizations through large-scale transformations.
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Established 18 years ago, The Customer Experience Company is globally recognized ​and applies design thinking, agile, and lean start-up ways ​of working to help you tackle change head-on and continually provide value to your customers and employees. We innovate with a deep understanding of who your customers are and what they care about, then find the not-so-obvious and use it to help you differentiate.

We use deep customer insight to help you create ​desirable experiences by guiding you to digitize the right things and embrace disruptive technologies while using data to drive better decisions and behaviors.

We kickstart change with new ways of working​, engaging your teams to instigate productive and positive ​culture change and making customer experience excellence tangible through collaborative education.​

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Empathetic & Exploratory Research
Service, Digital & Experience Design
Customer Strategy & Innovation
Leadership & Culture Change
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Who we've
worked with
Service NSW
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Australian Digital Health Agency
Transport for Victoria
New Zealand Inland Revenue
Integrity Life Insurance
Treasury NSW
NSW Department of Planning and Environment
Sydney Water
“We hired CEC to help us solve a complex business problem. They have delivered a truly collaborative experience where they've been immersed in our problems, and we've been immersed in their design thinking process. This is quite unique. Having our stakeholders involved in CEC's process is helping mobilize the rest of the organization toward sustainable change.”
Steve Sheppard, Executive Manager - Member Value and Service, MDA National
“The work by CEC has fundamentally changed the way we look at our business. We now have the insight on what it means to be more customer-centric. CEC's research has been a foundational piece of work. You do it once, perhaps every couple of years. The investment in time and money has certainly been worth it as it gets everyone on the same page.”
Tim Looi, CEO and Managing Director, Smartgroup Corporation
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