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Design Thinking
Management Consulting
Design Sprints
Business Vision and Strategy
Together we shape future-proof organizations and solutions that pave the way to the new economy.
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Unleashing the joy of meaningful entrepreneurship.

At Tekkoo., we spark and facilitate the small and big transitions towards a new economy. We believe in business as a force for good and help organizations develop meaningful organizations and solutions.

Designing and facilitating innovation workshops, training, sprints, and programs is what we're great at and love to do.

We believe that innovation and co-creation are crucial but challenging. Innovation results from the dedicated effort, using your organization's core capabilities and qualities and leveraging outside perspectives to create shared value.

To unleash change from within, we facilitate and equip leaders and employees to use their entrepreneurial skills- and mindset. Every day we are the sidekick of many great starting innovation hero's.

The UN' Sustainable Development Goals' are a beacon for all the projects that we do, and our company meets the highest standards of b-corp regarding social and environmental performance.

Together, we can pave the way to the new economy!

Our superpowers
Co-creating impactful solutions
Scoping & facilitating innovation
Unleashing innovation potential
Corporate & startup collaboration
Playful facilitation
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Who we've
worked with
FMO Development Bank
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Municipality of the Hague
Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation
“Tekkoo. showed us how working together online on innovative challenges can be an engaging and effective experience when using MIRO. Together we have changed the way we've set up our' access to new energy program 'with over ten NGOs joining, organizing co-creation workshops online, offering not only an innovative and relevant program but also a fun experience with a professional look and feel using MIRO. I can definitely recommend them as innovation and MIRO experts.”
Roza Freriks, Innovation Manager at Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI)
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