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Strategy & agile studio helping organizations reshape the way we work in order to support individuals and teams in achieving their best performance through self-management.
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We are shaping the future of work using teal principles of self-management, agile, design thinking, and workshops based on scientific research and neurology. Our purpose is to help spread the revolution in the way we collaborate, communicate, and better the world.

We don’t help organizations motivate employees - we believe in intrinsic motivation which has to be supported by transparency, accountability, and autonomy of every single employee."

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Agile Marketing and Change Psychology Experts
Human-Centered Approach
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BETTER, programska oprema, d.o.o.
Klet Krško
Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Slovenia
Ministry of Public Administration, Slovenia
“Working with Switch11 has given our company a new perspective and opened up new dimensions of operation. With professionalism, professional work, and knowledge, we trust the Switch11 team 100% and believe in cooperation. New approaches to teamwork and projects have shown in a very short time that we are on the right track in creating agile marketing agencies with the help of Jaka and Nina, wisely overcoming obstacles on the path to transformation. The introduction of the Miro app, the creation of agile groups, agile presentation of projects, and broader thinking about responsibilities in the company would be impossible without Switch11, but above all not structured and refined to the last detail. Jaka and Nina have met all our expectations and we are looking forward to the next steps."”
Rok Zajc, co-owner of marketing agency Bold
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