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The Project Management GameBoard is a fun AND effective method of ensuring project success.
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We are all about reducing the demands of too many projects and not enough people - this means building the client's project competency and organizational capacity. We provide a customized approach to ensure our clients deliver a successful project while energizing the project team AND we leave behind the appropriate skills, tools, and techniques for their organization to conquer the next project challenge. Simultaneously, we coach, mentor, and train the senior managers, project managers, and teams to apply these templates and processes.

The backbone of this is the Project Management GameBoard which allows us to:

- Quickly zero in on where project issues are occurring - we call it running the board

- Build a common visual language for all audiences in the organization - you don't need to be an expert to understand where we are and where we are going - no Gantt charts and project speak

- Use visual remote collaboration to solve real project issues:

- Aligning expectations of senior executives and the project team

- Getting customers on the side with project requests that may have implications for their budget, timeline, scope, or all three.

- Negotiating timelines that meet executive expectations as well as being realistic for the project team delivering the work.

Finally, we love to curate content for our clients to keep them abreast of best practices in hybrid workplaces and key learnings about PM technology, processes, and trends.

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Brain Trust Canada
Adam KreekSpeaks
ER Johnson
Clifford Robbins Consulting Group
Doctors Studio
Fortis BC
“The Project Management GameBoard was clear, organized, and exactly what we needed. We were able to move from a bunch of great ideas to launch a new service offering - online learning. We generated an executable plan in just 3 short workshops. I would start every new project this way!”
Adam Kreek, Founder of KreekSpeak Business Solutions
“I really enjoyed working with the Project Management GameBoard and Annie MacLeod - I found we were able to really quickly get work accomplished and decisions made on our project using their tools and techniques. This was very unique compared to other consulting engagements I've experienced which can be more conversational and less action oriented.”
Mia Burgess, Ex-ED at BrainTrust Canada
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