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We are designing next-level digital products for financial and legal businesses.
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At Inktrap, for over 7 years we've been helping technology businesses focus on their users, from early-stage to scaleups and beyond. It's in our nature; we can't help but do things properly. We truly care about the impact our products have on the people who use them.

We are on a mission to improve people's experience of interacting with the web. We design, build and refine websites and apps, work alongside our clients to provide design and front-end development skills and get their digital products to deliver for the people who use them.

We have a series of principles that we follow on every project we work on:

Put people first: People are at the heart of what we do. Whether it's the clients we work with or the people on our team, every individual is valued as a creative contributor.

Build partnerships: We work with our clients, not for them; collaboration makes better products we are all happy with.

Be transparent: We're honest about our opinions and straightforward in our delivery. We aren't afraid to say 'No'.

Learn and improve: Like your product, our company is never complete. We actively invest in our team through learning budgets, frequent reviews, and involvement in the community.

Focus on the user: Throughout all our projects, we focus on the people who will be using the products. Real people, with real problems, who have real needs.

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Virgin Holidays
New Look
Brunel University
“Inktrap helped me take my idea to the next step through superb design that was both adaptable and competitive. They brought substantial experience and market insight to both the creative and technical aspects of the app development lifecycle whilst providing excellent service and co-ordination.”
Warren Wilkinson. Founder. Warptalk.
“Inktrap has been fast, efficient, fun, and made light work of accurately interpreting our brand, vision, and aspirations. We see them as an ongoing part of our team.”
Merlie Calvert. Founder. Farillio.
“I cannot recommend the Inktrap team highly enough! Their work is fantastic, they go above and beyond to get the right result, and they are lovely people to work with. I look forward to continuing to work together!”
Felicia Hjertman. Founder. Tillit.
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