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We are and frontall. Experience Making Sense. We design and develop fluent, structured, and persuasive digital user-centered experiences that make total sense.
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As a multidisciplinary product design and development company, we are very passionate about translating business strategies & propositions into seamless working solutions with a strong (branded) visual character for B2B as well as B2C markets. We operate as an independent contractor and/or as a strategic team extension.

We find solutions for making device-based interaction with information more intuitive and natural through an integrated user experience design and development process. This process is firmly rooted in user-centered (atomic) design (thinking) and deep knowledge of the latest state of the art design and front-end technologies.

To develop intuitive, natural, and therefore meaningful experiences, we believe it is essential to understand how people think and (inter)act. We aim to create ‘thinking’ solutions resulting in fluent, structured, and, need be, persuasive user experiences.

Design thinking is at the core of our creative processes. We strongly believe in interdisciplinary collaboration between tech, design, and business teams/environments, ultimately resulting in the continuous deployment of successful functionality in agile managed commercial structures.

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Rapid Mental Modelling
Rapid Design
Rapid Prototyping
Old school sketching
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Wolters Kluwer
“Robert is one of these rare multifaceted people which always surprise you with an insight or an idea that seem to come from nowhere bit hits the mark. His long and broad experience in User Experience and Branding shows in all he does and how he thinks about any assignment. Great in grasping the essence of the information and creative in the way he translates it into a story or a visual. All of that packaged in a extremely likable personality. ”
Paul Neervoort User Experience Architect , Philips & ExB
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