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You receive certainty about the probability of success for your ideas and product business case before wasting tremendous money, time, and effort on product development.
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There is no shortage of ideas. The problem is that most of them are crappy and developed anyway. That causes 90% of new products to fail on the market and is a colossal waste of resources.

I help my customers to find the right ideas and reduce the risk of failure by validating the problem-solution fit of their idea concepts and product business cases before the actual development.

Additionally, I do Innovation workshops, where I guide participants through structured processes like the Design Sprint, LDJ, and the FORTH (12weeks Innovation journey) to get to the right ideas from the beginning.

I do everything remotely with Miro, and it works well.

Together with four others, I published the book "Online Innovation" last year.

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Neon Corporation
“Our team worked with Florian to master online innovation tools and processes. Florian’s grasp of the concepts and the way to deliver them to the team was superb. He was always available for comment/questions on WhatsApp and also via email. The sessions were always on time, engaging and insightful. Can’t say enough good things about his energy, skills and training. A++”
Jesse Miller, Director of Innovation at Neogen Corporation
“Florian is very knowledgeable on the topic of innovation, and he has a very structured approach. I would highly recommend his services or any course that he would run.”
Karen Luyt, Digital transformation Consultant at BCX
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Florian Hameister
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