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Facilitator School runs virtual training and courses that give organizations the skills, tools, and frameworks to leverage collaboration in a distributed world.
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Facilitator School is an educational platform that equips professionals around the world to design and run workshops in a hybrid workplace.

Our learning track is the Facilitator Masterclass, a cohort-based course that combines visual collaboration in Miro with facilitation skills to confidently set up and run online group sessions with lasting impact.

Participants from different organisations learn how to shape effective group sessions for their teams, deal with tricky situations, and leave people inspired—Both online and in-person.

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Laudes Foundation
Mister Spex
RWTH Aachen University
“Daniel and René you are both awesome! You both are hugely engaging and your energy makes it very easy to be on a journey with you. Thank you for this opportunity to learn from you both.”
Carrie Jäger, Organisational Support & Project Management - trivago
“I really loved this course, the quality of the lessons was really high and I learned a lot just watching you two facilitate the class itself.”
Julian Merkle, Customer Insights & Data Analyst - Lepaya
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Facilitator School
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