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Domain7 is change agency fostering innovation through people-centric methods.
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Our vision is to co-create a more empathetic and connected world. We do that through digital transformation, cultural facilitation and organization design.

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BC Hydro
Pacific Blue Cross
Imperial College London
Hostelling International
University of British Columbia
Seattle Public Schools
City of Vancouver
City of Surrey
“Domain7 are true leaders in this space, and they've helped our team navigate something no one else has.”
Sarah Farrell, Consultant, Smart Savvy & Associates
“The way that Domain7’s team shows up to understand the process we're going through on our side has built a lot of trust.”
Aaron Brady, Director of Product & Innovation, Pacific Blue Cross. 3
“Domain7 are partners in the truest sense of the word. I count on them to make the most of my vision. They bring their experience, intelligence, knowledge, skills, and natural curiosity to bear, shaping and refining that vision.”
John Moreau, Project Manager, Digital Transformation, District of North Vancouver
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