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The world’s most innovative and successful companies trust AJ&Smart to help them innovate and solve their most complex product and business challenges.
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AJ&Smart is an award-winning innovation and product design consultancy. Our team helps companies build better products and do more valuable work faster. AJ&Smart has run over 100 Design Sprints, and together with Jake Knapp, trained people from the best companies in the world like Slack, Twitter, and Airbnb! As a team of experts in design thinking, product strategy, innovation, and UX, we quickly plug into your team with in-depth knowledge and experience to help your business solve complex challenges and bring new ideas to life. We are recognized as the leading Design Sprint provider in the world. Our experience in delivering Sprints is unmatched, and as industry leaders, we provide the most current and effective methods to clients.

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“AJ&Smart is the go-to partner for Design Sprints. With masterful facilitation and product design, they can help any team stop wasting time, get aligned, and make months of progress in just two days.”
Jake Knapp, author of "Sprint ", Creator of 
 the Design Sprint process
“I can't say enough good things about AJ&Smart. They were great partners and really drove the redesign and layout. LOVED the sprint progress with them. Highly recommend if you're looking for a design partner.”
Kevin Rose, True Ventures
“A lot of influential stakeholders and valuable clients aligned with such clarity at AJ&Smart's Sprint HQ. This was a high-stakes project; AJ&Smart set a clear course for releasing this app in 6 months. The amazing thing is the released app is pretty much the final iteration we tested in the Sprints!”
Bradley Richards, Senior Product Manager at Lab 1886, Daimler AG
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