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Paul Magnaghi
Global ISV Program Leader
Ethan Parry
UX Designer and Researcher, Partner of the Adobe XD Team
Tom Wujec
Founder & Executive Facilitator
Jurgen Appelo
Owner, Speaker, and Author
Kees Froeling
Co-Founder & Firestarter
Shipra Kayan
Head of Workshop Design
Jennifer Yzelman
Product Marketing Lead


  • After more than a year of working from home, many people are suffering from digital fatigue. And while online meetings can have plenty of drawbacks, great leaders like Jurgen Appelo have turned these challenges into opportunities for innovation. As an entrepreneur, author, and organizational agility expert, Jurgen has successfully led 230 online meetups in just six months, helping leaders accelerate Lean and Agile business growth. He accomplished this amazing task by turning his traditional in-person workshops into online, self-paced programs in Miro. Jurgen shares how to find inspire connection and co-creation in your teams through online meetings and workshops! Jurgen Appelo Owner of Happy Melly, Speaker, and Author

  • Leaders from Miro and Zoom have a conversation about the evolution of online meetings over the past year, and a look ahead at the future of team collaboration. In this session, you will learn best practices for bringing your Zoom meeting to life, and see how to use Miro and Zoom together to solve video call challenges. You will also get an exclusive look at new Miro features for facilitators and hear a surprise announcement that will transform your online meetings and workshop experience! Paul Magnaghi, Global ISV Program Leader at Zoom Shipra Kayan, Head of Workshop Design at Miro Jennifer Yzelman, Product Marketing Lead at Miro

  • Design iteration requires lockstep collaboration across teams and stakeholders. Things only get more complex when working with distributed or hybrid teammates. In this workshop, learn how to use the Adobe XD for Miro integration to establish workflows that make your teams more efficient, inclusive, and collaborative. UX Designer and Researcher, Partner of the Adobe XD Team

  • Tom Wujec, Founder of The Wujec Group and Executive Facilitator at PMI, shares how to facilitate 16 different types of visual meetings. You will also learn how to use Miro to make your meetings more interactive and bring your team’s best ideas to the forefront. Tom Wujec, Founder of The Wujec Group and Executive Facilitator at PMI

  • Engaging workshops are critical for building innovative organizations. That’s why great online facilitation is so crucial — good facilitators set the right tone in the (virtual) room and create an inclusive and safe environment for people to share their best ideas. View an interactive session with Kees Froeling, Co-Founder at STUDIO.WHY, to learn how to set up a successful workshop, onboard participants in Miro, facilitate activities in breakout groups, and turn workshop insights into actions. Kees Froeling, Co-Founder and Firestarter at STUDIO.WHY

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