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Introducing the Miro Professional Network

August 25, 2021

Whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, or small agency, chances are, the way you meet and collaborate with clients has changed a lot over the past year. And with remote, hybrid, and distributed work environments here to stay, Miro’s collaborative online whiteboard offers a more flexible, future-proof solution for getting things done seamlessly—in-person or across the globe.

From an infinite canvas and time-saving templates to the ability to archive projects (and all their context) in one place, Miro gives you the magic of huddling around a whiteboard and then some. Today, with the launch of the all-new Miro Professional Network, we’re making it even easier for consultants and agencies to meet their clients’ goals and grow their businesses, with support to level up their skills, connect with a wider community, and be on the front line of innovation.

Scroll on to learn more about why Miro is the future for consultants and clients—then be sure to sign up for the Miro Professional Network to get started.

Aleksa Brown

Contributing writer at Miro

Collaborate with clients, anytime and anywhere

For consultants, meeting in person to kick off projects, present ideas, and get feedback used to be the norm, with much of the work happening on physical whiteboards, sticky notes, and in email threads. But with the shift to meetings in which at least one attendee is dialing in remotely, there’s a need for a new way of working — an easy, engaging, more digital-friendly way. And that’s where Miro comes in.

Miro’s online whiteboard is accessible to all stakeholders 24/7, whether they’re sitting side-by-side or in completely different time zones. An infinite canvas means there’s room for all phases of the project on one easy-to-navigate board, while tools like a timer, voting, comments, and stickies give you ways to collaborate both in real-time and asynchronously.

The result of moving your client workflows to Miro? More transparency, better communication, and the spark of energy that comes from each party feeling seen and heard.

One of our core values at Fluxx is working shoulder to shoulder with our clients. Miro has enabled us to do this, albeit virtually, throughout the pandemic and will do going forward as we and many of our client organizations adopt new hybrid ways of working.

Peter Hay

Managing Consultant,
Fluxx Ltd

Save time with 230+ pre-made templates, or create your own from scratch

Beyond improving collaboration, Miro also comes with a library of free, pre-made templates that make kicking off new projects and running workshops easier than ever. What used to require hours of prep time is now possible with just a few clicks — freeing up your calendar to take on more clients or spend time going deeper on the work you already have in motion.

From Kanban boards to personna mapping, brand voice guidelines to design sprints, our expert-made templates give you everything you need to get set up quickly, no matter what you’re working on. Plus, you can create your own custom templates from scratch, so all of the services you offer are easy to duplicate when you sign a new project or kick off a new round of work. Easy, peasy.

While Miro made it possible for us to keep delivering the services we did face-to-face pre-covid we are now striving to use its full potential to boost both efficiency and impact of the projects we run. Being able to create templates of all our innovation tools at Board of Innovation is not only great for us internally but also enables us to distribute our innovation tools in an actionable way via Miroverse.

Don Fontijn

Senior Business Designer,
Board of Innovation

Create a digital archive without any extra effort

As your business grows, wrapping your arms around all of your past and present projects can be a full-time job in itself, but Miro solves for this simply and intuitively.

Starting a new project? Create a Miro board that will keep all of your work in one place, so each project has a living, breathing archive that evolves as the project progresses. With our consultant plan, you can also create separate workspaces for all of your clients, giving them access to the entire body of work you’ve completed together — and vice versa.

Plus, integrations with other tools, like G Suite, Slack, Asana, and more, make updating dates, deadlines, and deliverables seamless. No tab-switching or digging through paperwork required.

Miro enables us to work swiftly and creatively, both internally and with clients. It provides the perfect balance between a versatile tool for us — with various options to execute and present our work — and an accessible and easy-to-use tool for clients, who are easily onboarded. At Essense, we’re all about driving customer-centric collaboration, so this tool serves us perfectly in achieving that!

Sander Kruitwagen

BizOps & Practice
Lead, Essense

Get the support you need at every turn

With the new Miro Professional Network, consultants, freelancers, and agencies will get priority customer support from Miro, whether you’re just starting out or already a dedicated user. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable using Miro with clients so you can streamline your process and get the most out of your workday — and grow your business as you wish.

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