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How AXA Climate uses Miro to help clients respond to climate change

June 2, 2021

Climate change may be the greatest challenge facing the world. In the coming years, communities across the globe may see an unprecedented impact from climate-related risks. AXA Climate is no stranger to the complexities of these urgent issues. With cutting-edge technology and teams of experts, this business unit of insurance giant AXA helps clients adapt to climate change.

Functioning with an entrepreneurial and agile spirit, the AXA Climate team needs to be highly attuned to the needs of its clients across 40 countries. To ensure clients can prepare for disruption or even disaster, they offer CYMO, 24/7 monitoring of extreme climate risks. Their Climate School app aims to educate all client stakeholders, from customers to employees, on preparing for climate-related impacts. AXA Climate must operate with speed, they must be always-on, and they need to provide insights that help build long-term adaptation strategy.

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To accomplish its mission, AXA Climate uses Miro to connect, collaborate, and move quickly. “Miro is part of our DNA. It’s everywhere,” said Véronique Letellier, Innovation Manager at AXA Climate. From customer strategy sessions to better, interactive presentations and smarter team objective-setting, Miro reflects the speed, adaptability, and impact of the AXA Climate team culture.

The speed and agility of Miro reflects who we are—it helps us make decisions quickly, adapt to any situation, create impact, and support our mission.

 Véronique Letellier, Innovation Manager at AXA Climate

Managing customer relationships with consistency

AXA Climate experts work directly with a range of clients across the world. For each client, multiple AXA Climate team members will interface with stakeholders from across their organization. To effectively keep track of all of the conversations taking place with various stakeholder groups, the company created a template in Miro to better map and manage all of the touchpoints between AXA Climate and the client. Interactions, relationships, and action items can be tracked on a secure, single-client Miro board. This board ensures that the same valuable engagement information will be shared across the AXA Climate team, resulting in smarter collaboration and better-informed client interactions.

Letellier notes that using Miro adds value over solely using CRM tools. CRM software excels at capturing quantitative data. But to AXA Climate, it’s critical to capture the qualitative context around ongoing conversations. They’re working with clients to educate stakeholders about climate change and plan for its impact, and each client’s climate adaptation plan is unique. Miro helps AXA Climate capture critical context, ensure it’s searchable and collaborative, and make it actionable in ways CRM tools just can’t.

Engaging audiences with impactful presentations

Miro helps AXA Climate teams have more productive discussions with its own decision-makers.

Executives use Miro to present at AXA Board meetings, an important opportunity to showcase their work and maintain funding for their business plan. According to Letellier, in a typical meeting with the Board, an executive would walk through 50 PowerPoint slides of static content—mostly a one-way presentation with a smattering of Q&A.

Using Miro to present team plans, executives could show the Board a more dynamic, engaging view of plans and results. The team could better illustrate their initiatives, zooming all the way in on specific project details, or all the way out to communicate high-level goals. They recently led the Board through a live, interactive exercise directly on Miro and drove a discussion around which initiatives were the highest priority. The interactivity of the Miro session with the Board led to a deeper conversation than a standard, static presentation would have.

Since adopting Miro, the AXA Climate team has reduced its reliance on PowerPoint presentations, which felt constraining in terms of creativity. Letellier describes how Miro allows the AXA Climate team to express their work with the freedom of an infinite canvas, which is much more reflective of their unique identity than a structured PowerPoint. She especially likes that teammates can co-create on Miro simultaneously using any shape, format, or file type they want. With Miro, they can use drawing tools, import imagery, or simply create slides.

When I’m in front of Miro I know i’m just like a painter in front of the canvas—I can create with no limit and that is quite important.

 Véronique Letellier, Innovation Manager at AXA Climate

Aligning on company and individual goals

Working across 40 countries and a range of different cultures, languages, and offices can make alignment around goals a challenge. AXA Climate uses Miro to document and share company OKRs, from the top level down to the individual level. Miro helps teams track “missions” including quarterly objectives, key results, and training and development plans for each employee. Development is especially important at AXA, beginning with new hires and creating a culture where employees can thrive and grow.

Miro centralizes employee-level objectives into a team view, so managers can easily ensure their global, interlocking teams align on individual and company OKRs. Teammates can not only learn from each other’s goals and modify their own career plans, they can also use Miro to better connect their individual goals and contributions to the greater missions of their teams and AXA Climate as a whole.

AXA Climate’s “Catalogue of Skills” for employee development planning

Miro is just like a piece of paper we share. And with employees all working remotely, it’s more and more difficult to share a piece of paper with somebody.

Véronique Letellier, Innovation Manager at AXA Climate

Centralizing team collaboration

Companies around the globe rely on AXA Climate to help them navigate the complexity and urgency of climate change. Using the Miro Enterprise Plan, the team can centralize secure collaboration and ensure they’re able to live up to their most important values:

  • Speed: Work together to make decisions quickly to help clients who are navigating climate change risks. The AXA Climate team needs tools that help them share, build, and act on plans that advance their client’s response to climate change urgency.
  • Adaptability: No two clients will face the impacts of climate change with the same playbook. Miro makes it easy for AXA Climate to share ideas and change direction as needed with agility.
  • Security: The team approaches every client engagement with the highest confidentiality and security. With Miro’s security features, AXA Climate can precisely control who has access to client and project information with granular permissions controls.
  • Impact: Deploy a team approach to navigate a client’s unique challenges and stakeholders. Miro helps AXA Climate align, collaborate, and act to help clients achieve their goals.

Interested in learning how Miro can bring better collaboration to your team? Contact us to learn more about Miro Enterprise, or explore how other companies are using Miro to elevate their teamwork.

I don’t think I can work without Miro now. It helps us be more productive in so many situations.

 Véronique Letellier, Innovation Manager at AXA Climate

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