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In the past three years, we’ve seen a major shift in the ways we work. According to a report from IDC, 43% of global businesses are now focusing on increasing productivity and driving team engagement. At Miro, we’re always searching for ways to empower teams communicate and work together better.

That’s why we’re excited to release some amazing integrations with leading Business Intelligence tools such as Looker, Tableau, Grafana, and Amplitude. Each of these integrations can help you consolidate the tools you and your teams use every day, in one single place.

The result is that now, data from multiple sources — spreadsheets, surveys, charts, and more — has never been easier to add to Miro. Bring dynamic and live data right to your Miro boards; these integrations (and others to come) are supported by the Miro Developer Platform.

Add a dashboard to Miro

With these new integrations, you can make use of the full potential of Miro as a shared team workspace to converge and solve big problems together.

For example, in my role as Head of Platform Marketing, I care deeply about the experiences we provide to our end users and our developer community, and how our product is performing. I’m always eager to capture insights and spot any trends. To do this, I can access my Looker dashboard by pasting a link onto the Miro board — Voila! With just one click, my dashboard is embedded. What’s more, I can select only the charts I need without ever switching tabs.

It’s that easy to get a fresh, live dashboard that brings together your most important charts, so you can see how metrics are trending without getting lost in the noise. And these can be updated all at once, right on the board.

Learn more about Miro’s Developer Platform

Are you a product manager or on a go-to-market team?

If you are like many of us at Miro, you also likely work on cross-functional projects with people from different teams: product managers, engineers, marketers, analysts, and sales people. Perhaps your colleagues use different BI tools and want to add other relevant charts with more detailed breakdowns. This is all possible now with Miro’s latest integrations.

You can now build your own live and cross-functional dashboards with data from various sources in one single space, so you and your colleagues can quickly connect the dots and make a plan of action, collaborating around the data to drive complex decisions and insights by joining multiple data points.

Customize your dashboard by extracting and pasting only the charts most relevant to you, or choose to paste an entire dashboard all in an effortless experience. It’s as easy as taking screenshots. No more time wasted switching between tabs or feeling like you are missing relevant context.

Do this as often as you need, combining data distributed across multiple dashboards from multiple tools to build a single view. At the same time, the name of each chart is preserved, along with a timestamp and source link, so that you and your collaborators can explore the data further if needed. Of course, you can easily refresh the data right there on the board with just one click.

New integrations are always on the way. And if you’re a developer, you can build the next big app or integration. 

Learn how to build your own Miro apps. Watch Miro for Developers: Building Miro Apps & Integrations.

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