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Introducing Miro integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

New Adobe Creative Cloud Connector Empowers Remote Communication and Collaboration. Here at Miro, we continue to integrate whiteboarding activities into routine workflows of product teams. One of the recent updates on this journey is an integration with Adobe® Creative Cloud™, one of the most popular app collections for UI/UX Designers and other creatives who work in graphic design, video editing, product and web development.

Authorize Miro and you will be able to upload files from your Creative Cloud account to the boards.

How does it help? Miro is the simplest collaboration platform designed to help distributed teams communicate visually and faster. Once you’ve added assets to the board you can hold an online discussion around them, leave feedback on top of your projects, mention people and iterate faster. Keep every member of your remote team on the same page and make the creative process more engaging and transparent.

Add assets from Creative Cloud

No credit card required

Key features of the integration. Access Creative Cloud assets right from Miro so that you don’t need to manually switch between applications when uploading content.

Add assets from Creative Cloud to Miro and manage the big picture on the same page.

Share the board with your team to get meaningful feedback and collaborate on assets without emails.

Update assets directly on the board — no need to upload new versions each time there is a minor change. Any asset uploaded from the Cloud can be updated in one click.

Authorize Adobe Creative Cloud and the other applications like JIRA, Trello, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox to empower remote teamwork and discuss things as if you were co-located. Learn more about Miro integrations in the Knowledge Base.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS MIRO UPDATE? Have an additional feature request? Tell us the one thing you are still missing when working with visuals in Miro.

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